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RTG Protech's translation process is focused on ensuring we meet and exceed all client expectations. At all stages of the process we listen, learn and as needed carefully adjust our translation process to better serve client needs. Our quality assurance process for translation projects targets maximum accuracy and timeliness. Projects are completed on time and within budget.

Send us any kind of document

Our translation team has training and experience with just about any type of document: technical manuals, newsletters, press releases, annual and interim reports, working documents, memo's, contracts, training material, proposals, legal material, marketing literature, financial statements, web pages and much more. 

RTG Protech's translators are experienced in a variety of specialized subjects: engineering, telecommunications, environment, natural resources, manufacturing, advertising, public relations, finance, trade, transportation, science, accounting, information technology, health, medicine, safety, security, law and aviation to name a few. We can tailor the foreign language text to specific audiences, or to a general audience for wide-spread distribution.

For all target audiences and subject matters, our highly trained professional translators and rigorous quality control methods ensure translations are accurate, timely and true to the original message. 

Each project is assigned a manager that will assemble an appropriate team of translators, editors and proofreaders. Then they all work towards the same goal: a successful completion of the project along with meeting or exceeding all client objectives. 


Whether you have a tight deadline, a large document, or a very important project, you can trust RTG Protech to find a solution that works for you and is tailored to meet your needs.

The work model that we follow enables us to address any time zone in the world. 


Our team of highly experienced, certified translators and revisers will ensure the quality and timeliness of all requests. 

Benefits and features of our translation services



Following are just some of the languages we work with:

English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and more.

RTG Protech

Do you have a special request, call us we’ll work together with you to find a solution.


Two out of three does not cut it for RTG Protech. The translation may be good and within budget but if it's too late to present at your meeting then it's worthless! Get it done right, within budget and on time by RTG Protech.

Quality Assurance is a key component of any translation management system. Our QA process puts the focus on delivering excellent translations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

There is no substitute for experience and what you can learn during these years to improve and perfect your methods. Put RTG Protech's twenty five years of experience to work for you.